queXF can be used as a web based, Open Source alternative to programs such as Cardiff Teleform and Remark OMR, in some situations. It can be used as a CADE (Computer Assisted Data Entry) tool.

queXF removes the need to manually enter form data, therefore reducing error and fatigue. queXF does OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) on each form to determine if boxes have been filled. Also, once trained, queXF can apply ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) to detect handwritten characters. A verifier (using a web browser) will then confirm that the entered fields are correct, and also enter or confirm any character data.

Operators need little knowledge of the form design as queXF breaks down the verification task in to a question by question process. The operator works in a web browser and does not need to install any other software on their computer, therefore can work from any location with network access.

queXF is Open Source and only relies on other Open Source packages to operate.

queXF has the following features:

  • Unlimited number of operators for verification
  • Accurately guesses if check boxes have been marked
  • All operations done through a web browser, so distributed processing possible
  • Allows forms to be reviewed over the web to confirm data is accurate
  • Automatically detects locations of boxes on the form (no need to manually overlay boxes)
  • Implements ICR to read text and numbers from the form
  • Can read interleaved 2 of 5 or codabar barcodes natively and printed text (via tesseract OCR)