queXF 1.12.2 Released (Bug fixes)

queXF 1.12.2 has been released today on Sourceforge

This is a bug fix release.

The verification process had a few bugs introduced with the new page setup system that have been resolved, and the new log system has been improved for better display.

For full bug details and how to upgrade, read more:

*Fixed Bug: Don't list box groups that have no boxes attached to them when verifying as it breaks it
*Fixed Bug: Removed tag from messages as making log look too big
*Fixed Bug: divide by zero warning caused when formpages doesn't have a width set
*Fixed Bug: verification of text fields with apostrophe would not insert in to database

To upgrade (from queXF 1.12.1 or queXF 1.12.0):

1. Backup config.inc.php (copy to config.inc.php.bak)
2. Extract the new package over your existing installation of queXF 1.12.1 or queXF 1.12.0
3. Copy your config.inc.php.bak file over the extracted config file