queXF 1.13.0 Released

queXF 1.13.0 has been released today on Sourceforge

The major new feature in queXF 1.13.0 is the ability to automatically update a queXS / Limesurvey database with queXF form data once verified. This allows for multi-mode data collection (via the web, telephone and paper) and for all data to return to a single dataset (within queXS or Limesurvey) for output or online analysis. Currently this will only work with, and with forms generated by the Limesurvey within a queXS 1.5.2 or greater installation. The administration documentation has been updated with details of how to make the link from queXF to your queXS installation.

Some bug fixes have also been made including:

  • Scale and rotation did not correctly handle case where the scale was exactly 0 and rotation exactly 0
  • CSV output from text/numeric (not long text) elements were ignoring internal spacing
  • Full text elements were not being removed when reverifying a form
  • Fixed width output updated to handle where code width is greater than the string length of the number of categories
  • PSPP output updated to fix where variables start with a number (append a V) and to handle where category variables are strings instead of numeric

A database update is required for this upgrade. Read on for details.

Upgrading from 1.12.0, 1.12.1 or 1.12.2:

1. Backup config.inc.php (copy to config.inc.php.bak)
2. Extract the new package over your existing installation of queXF 1.12.x
3. Update the database by running the following SQL:

ALTER TABLE `questionnaires` ADD `rpc_server_url` TEXT NULL COMMENT 'XML RPC server to send verified data to';
ALTER TABLE `questionnaires` ADD `rpc_username` TEXT NULL , ADD `rpc_password` TEXT NULL ;
ALTER TABLE `questionnaires` ADD `limesurvey_sid` INT( 11 ) NULL ;
ALTER TABLE `forms` ADD `rpc_id` INT NULL ;
DROP TABLE `differences` ;

4. Copy your config.inc.php.bak file over the extracted config file.