queXF 1.15.0 Released

queXF 1.15.0 has been released today on Sourceforge

Single choice fields with more than 1 box are now automatically confirmed for the verifier where strictly one box is correctly detected. This should greatly improve productivity of verifiers where there are many single choice fields to verify. Duplicate forms that have not been verified can now be easily deleted using the duplicate form function.

Please continue to report any issues using the Launchpad bug tracker, ask any questions using the Launchpad answer system and translate the project using the Launchpad translations system.

To upgrade (from queXF 1.14.0, 1.13.x)

1. Backup config.inc.php (copy to config.inc.php.bak)
2. Extract the new package over your existing installation
3. Copy your config.inc.php.bak file over the extracted config file