queXF 1.20.6 released

Get queXF 1.20.6

This release adds a verifier assisted page alignment feature, and initial support for connecting to MySQL over SSL (Requires AdoDB 5.21). This release also fixes importing multiple choice answers into LimeSurvey and some issues with line detection.

Read on for details of how to upgrade (No database change required).

To upgrade (from queXF 1.20.x)

  1. Browse to the admin section of queXF and confirm that the "Import a directory of PDF files" process is stopped
  2. Backup config.inc.php (copy to config.inc.php.bak)
  3. Backup your database
  4. Extract the new package over your existing installation
  5. Copy your config.inc.php.bak file over the extracted config file
  6. Confirm that the "scans" and "images" directories are writeable by the web server process