queXF 1.9.1 Released

queXF 1.9.1 has been released today on Sourceforge

New features include:

  • Translations added (Thank you to all those on Launchpad who translated queXF!)
  • MISSING_PAGES_ASSIGN directive added to not assign a form if missing pages exist
  • Allow to "force kill" a running process (i.e. for when the server is rebooted)
  • Can "delete inbetween boxes" in the banding context menu
  • Export blank categories in DDI v2 output
  • "Touch up" a form (ability to download form pages as PNG files and edit them and re-upload them in case banding is failing)

Bug fixes include:

  • Improved speed of background form processing by not going over files too many times
  • When naming variables while banding, do not refresh page text
  • Output correct width file even if boxes originally filled incorrectly

This upgrade does not require the database to be modified

For instructions on how to upgrade from queXF 1.9.0, click on the Read More link below

Upgrading from 1.9.0:

1. Backup config.inc.php (copy to config.inc.php.bak)
2. Extract the new package over your existing installation of queXF 1.8.1
3. Copy your config.inc.php.bak file over the extracted config file.